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What does made-to-order mean?

What does made-to-order mean?

Make to order (MTO) is a business production strategy that typically allows consumers to purchase products that are customized to their specifications. Finished goods inventory is reduced, and stock obsolescence is managed. Consumers would enjoy an increased level of customization by paying less due to the cost saved from the manufacturer’s and seller’s end.
All of our customers know that we have been focusing on transformers toys business (make to stock or MTS) in the past years. Thank you for all of your business and support as always.
Since we have the sources of other quality products as well, we just thought why we don’t add these into our categories? We could start offering some quality products to the colorful life in addition to toys right before the coming of the beautiful festival season!
There are many factories doing OEM for world Top Brands of clothes, shoes, bags, furniture, small home appliances, commodity, and etc. They have great experiences in design, production and quality control. They have their own brands and already have started Make to order (MTO) for long time domestically to provide quality products with very reasonable prices which has been very welcomed by domestic consumers. Since the products are Make to Order and the production usually needs 3-12 days, the shipping time will be longer than MTS orders.
This is why our store named as “eYou-Collection”, which not only means “the collection of toys”, but also includes the other MTO selected quality products.
To add more quality products categories, eYou-Collection.com is going to become a place for TF collectors as well as for your non-collector family and friends as well!

Our goal is to do what we could to bring more fun, convenience, comfort and happiness to your life. We have been always so honored and proud when hearing kind and encouraging words from our customers. Hope we will do better!

We could do DROP SHIPPING and WHOLESALES as well. Please feel free to contact with us for any good ideas by reaching us via email: 1220332158@qq.com

Thank you!
Sarah Zhang and eYou-Collection Team

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