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Pre-Order Policy

Pre-Order Policy

Q: What is a Pre-Order?

A: Pre-orders allow you to place advance orders for items that have not yet been released. When you place the pre-order, we then order the item in advance from our suppliers. But for some items, the suppliers probablly cut pre-order quantities, if so happens, we will offer you store credit equalling to your deposit amount.

The pictures and item description for the Pre-Order are for explanation purpose, the color and shapes for the final product may vary.

Release dates are set by the manufacturers and are subject to change. We are not liable for any changes to a pre-release date advertised by us, but we will keep you informed of any potential changes.


Q: How do I get charged for a Pre-order?


  • Deposit payment: By paying a small amount of deposit, you can secure the product for certain period, the payment of a deposit is taken as a part of the full price.

  • Q: When could I cancel the Pre-order?

    A: Most times, the pre-order quantity depends on the order we received.If you need to cancel the order, please send the message to us before this item shipped out by the manufacturer.


    Q: How do I cancel a Pre-order?

    A: PayPal reversal will be provided with a request by email. Any money received from you will be refunded via your original payment method. If you decide to cancel your order, please email us at 290887317@qq.com

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